• Nicola Todd-Macnaughton

SUP field note - North Third reservoir, near Stirling

Location: North Third reservoir, near Stirling*

Water Type: Freshwater

Overview: This is a nice secluded spot - easily accessible from the north of Glasgow in one direction and Stirling from the other.

The reservoir itself is a little more like a lake, with shallow shores which are easy to launch from. Steep cliffs (Lewis Hill) create a picturesque backdrop which also offer some much needed shelter from the elements.

There are a couple of islands to paddle around and even land on if you fancy it.

Great for birdwatchers and worthwhile taking a walk around the reservoir and up the cliffs while you are there for stunning views.

Duration: As long as you like. We visited on a rather windy day at the start of March so were only out on the water for around an hour.

Access: Travel by car to one of the car laybys near bridge over Bannock Burn – close to North Third Trout Fishery. Open start point in Google Maps for directions.

Facilities: None in the immediate vicinity. However, Stirling is only 20 mins away so plenty of places to go for a snack or hot drink afterwards.

Overall: A great place to enjoy the scenery and fab for nature lovers and birdwatchers. Downside is that it is rather exposed so the reservoir can be choppy and winds high, particularly as you move away from the sheltered hillside area.

While we visited in March, we have also been in Summer and it can get very busy with people going for daytrips with BBQ’s etc.

Rating (out of 5*)


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